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Frank Darabont makes a film from the classic book green mile written by Stephen King

Filming sumptuous master of literary horror novels – Stephen King, directed by Frank Darabont , was completed in 1999. “The Green Mile “since the beginning, it was appreciated, although the competition seemed enormous – in the same year, the Oscar-winning film “American Beauty ” . Four Oscar nominations (film, supporting actor, adaptation, sound) and Golden Globe speak for themselves – the film has to be above average. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is not wrong, as evidenced by the fact that “Green Mile ” to this day climaxes in the world rankings.

Paul (played by Tom Hanks) is the head of the guard’s one of the prison blocks Cold Mountain, commonly known as “The Green Mile “because of the color of linoleum, which leads straight to the electric chair. Among the prisoners on death row waiting to be black John Coffey , who is accused of raping and murdering two white girls. However, Coffey is not the one for whom we all have – can heal people after the touch, even with the worst problems.

“The Green Mile ” is a film very different than most of the production of the U.S. prison system – makes it stand out above all unprecedented climate, scenery and perfectly match a highlighted theme of death and injustice that literally hang in the air. Fantastic elements fit perfectly in a little gloomy and depressing story, making the production even more melancholy.

This is one of those heavy filming that cannot be forgotten by the next day, not only because of the climate, and more acting, which here was simply brilliant. Tom Hanks , who has some much success with many movies including ” Forrest Gump ” and ” Saving Private Ryan ” none the less he continues to surprise us in this game and his presence helps to create more and better characters , like David Morse and Michael Clarke Duncan , who seemed to be the perfect John Coffey – such as has been described in the book.

Darabont knew what he wanted from King, in the filming of one of his best books, so he tried to do his best. This includes Sound and aphonic (depending on the course of action) as well as your pictures will impress not only the znawcach world cinema, but for all of us, filled with sorrow and a sense of great injustice, which fills us with production.

This Film  dose not have the main, obvious message (not including the denial of appearances), which is typical of most films based on the novels written by King. You can only see the blazing pessimism of the screen – helpless man in relation to the system and the death penalty, and that the things that sometimes seem to us every day, you do not have to be normal, and on the contrary – they can reflect on our continued existence.


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