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films here and abroad

Fims get better in 2013

In the country I now live in once a year on average they produce a really good movie. Last year it was the ” Rose “and two years ago,” In the dark “. I think the limit for this year is exhausted by the ” Vulture “by Eugene Korina .

The film opens with a scene where a young Wolin tries to make contact with an alien civilization. Later, every moment is only getting better. Before the audience has time to watch, the director shows his dramatic court hearing, and soon after furious pursuit of a stolen ambulance.

The plot develops around as Alexander Wolin, who along with the idols begin to chase bandits kidnap a group of people out of jail. Over time, the questions multiply inexorably, as a whole, filled to the brim with brilliant twists and turns, keeps you in suspense for a beautiful finale to tears.    Korin showed that knows his job. At the beginning created a beautiful script, but like any true director knows that the story is not all, you should also take care of the technical side of the film.

As a result of these thoughts were recruited the best of the best. Photos, sound (sound brilliant imitations), set design and installation are fantastic, just do not sit fly, and special effects, surprisingly, are very good. The only thing to which a trailer is the music of the band Archive , which served to us the primitive and completely mismatched to the image noise. strongest side of the film is the ensemble cast. Korin  reached after a real Polish elite.

Playing major roles Michal Zebrowski and Daniel Olbrychski are fantastic, especially in the final scenes of the film, which required them to a real talent. It falls well Przybylska Anne . But the real icing on the cake is Andrzej Grabowski and Peter Fronczewski who for their secondary roles worthy of an Oscar (I did not know these guys so sensational they can show the pain and suffering). Not worse in other actors.

After watching this video a long time I could not go home. With great joy, I can say (especially after seeing a number of new Polish production) that Poles can do good films. In my opinion, ” Vulture “should be a Polish candidate for the Oscar in the category” Foreign Language Film “.


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