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Denzel Washington shows no stopping

You can breathe and release the belts. Film Robert Zemeckis is decently written and directed drama that off the ground thanks to the wonderful creations Denzel Washington.

Washington stars as the captain of aviation, Whip Whitaker. When the first stage, the hero wakes up in a hotel room next to a naked flight attendants and hangover cures zwietrza?ym piwkiem and cocaine plot, we conjecture that the term “professional ethics” is not found in the dictionary. When two hours later rescues ninety-six cruise passengers to Atlanta, turning the damaged plane on its back and crash landed in the middle of nowhere, it turns out that ethics is not enough. His fate is relentless fight on two fronts – in the direction of the edge pushes him not only a committee of inquiry, investigating causes of the disaster, but also a progressive disease of alcoholism.

Zemeckis is still a great director, but sometimes you can see that the drama does not belong to the crown species. It is no wonder that the movie road to redemption is bumpy and full of attractions. Most of them are associated with poetics television psychodrama: a drug addict so a heart of gold ( Kelly Reilly ) and in love with Stones worn hippie ( John Goodman looks like the sequel to ” Big Lebowski ” ). It jurodiwy oncology patient and attorney-Machiavellian careerist ( Don Cheadle ). Finally – a rebellious son of a hero and nurturing family friend of the profession to a trade union. Encased around them stories and scenes are played correctly, but the impression of faded film, obstructing the core movie – so intellectual, and emotional.

It is in the first bold attempt to define the notion of heroism. The latter – given both the hero and the audience asked about Whit responsibility for their passengers.   Washington is such a good actor that he can barely make these themes signaled a fascinating mystery, actually, without resorting to scenario. Emotional ambivalence, which stubbornly looking for in the script Zemeckis has basically written all over his face. In fact, he was not in such good form since ” Training Day ” – nice to finally see that it tries to be more than just a cinema conscientiously into the role and had a fantastic hero to authenticate internal conflict.


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